BREAKING: Supreme Court upholds the Trump Administration's Xenophobia and Bigotry

Date: June 26, 2018




[Royal Oak, MI]– The Michigan Muslim Community Council is deeply disappointed by the xenophobic decision of the SCOTUS today to uphold the Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban. President Trump’s Muslim Ban is unconstitutional and directly contradicts our dearly held value of religious freedom for all.  No-one – not even the President – should be able to treat you differently simply because of where you were born or how you pray.


In the arc of history this will ruling will bend away from justice. Human nature is prone to bias and our country has controlled that bias by developing concepts such religious liberty. Every American should fear this decision since it can invade every one of our lives. If you are the wrong type of Christian or Jew or Hindu according to a popularity contest then be prepared for the full weight of the American government to come against you. Our government will transmit this moral failure to our descendants. Our children will hang their heads in shame as we do over flawed rulings which segregated the schools or put children in concentrations camps. This ruling does not make us safer. It will not clean our water, stop violence or end opioid addiction. It will distract us and hurt the vulnerable and one day that vulnerable person could be you.


The Michigan Muslim Community Council along with partner organizations — Emgage, ACLU of Michigan, CAIR Michigan, Take on Hate and more — will be hosting events as part of the #NoMuslimBanEver campaign.


The events will show the Court, the Trump administration and the American public that the Muslim community, in alliance with many other communities under attack by this Administration, will continue to mobilize against Trump’s radical anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-refugee and white nationalist agenda.


WHAT:     #StandWithMuslims Rally                                  WHAT: #NOMUSLIMBAN Community Forum 

DATE:       June 26th, 2018                                                   DATE: June 28th, 2018

PLACE:      Campus Martius, Detroit                                  PLACE: ACLU of Michigan Office

TIME:       6:00pm                                                                  TIME: 6:00pm

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