Over the last few weeks, MMCC has distributed about 190000 boxes of fresh fruit and produce and more than 30000 lbs of Qurbani Meat (for Eid) across 5 counties & 10 cities partnering with over a dozen organizations including Islamic Relief, Mercy USA, USDA, Flint Islamic Center, Flint Food Pantry, American Muslim Community, New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church, The Muslim Center, Islamic Association of North America, Muslim Unity Center, Masjid Bin Abi Talib, Albanian Islamic Center, Masjid Muath Bin Jabal, MCWS, Balkan American Community Center, and Shrine of Black Madonna Church, Huda Islamic Institute & Peace, and Goodwill church.


We are thankful for all of the support from our volunteers and sponsors and look forward to further helping our communities.

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