General Funds

This fund will cover a variety of operational and project expenses that MMCC incurs. Also utilize this option for  all SPECIAL PROJECTS not listed here. Use the Memo section so we can correctly direct the funding to the project of your choice. 

RFAH Fight Against Hunger

This fund supports purchasing food at discounted prices to be distributed to those in need. This distribution is done monthly through our partners at Gleaner’s Food Bank, Muslim Family Services, Zaman International, and over 20 local mosques and community centers.

Zakat Al-Fitr

Zakat Al-Fitr (Fitra) is $10 for every person and child in the household. This must be paid before the end of Ramadan in order to be distributed to local people in need.


This fund pays for the sacrifice of a lamb during Eid al Adha. The cost is currently $185.00 per lamb. The meat is distributed locally according to Islamic regulations in partnership with many local partners.

Zakat Al-Mal

This donation is used as mandated by Islamic regulations to assist needy families locally

Maintaining the House of Allah

This fund supports the upkeep and maintenance of mosques in need throughout Michigan.

Foster & Refugee Kids Support

The Michigan Muslim Community CouncilMuslim Foster Care Association  is organizes gift packages to local Muslim foster and local refugee children during Ramadan and Eid. We believe these children deserve to experience the priceless moments of joy that come during these blessed months and during the school year. What seems like the smallest gesture by us, can mean the whole world to a child.

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