Imam's Council

The Imam's Council of the MMCC is a council of more than 30 Imams representing Islamic Centers in Southeast Michigan. The Imams meet monthly to discuss the needs of the Muslim Community as well as the community at large. They represent all the major Muslim sects, both Sunni and Shia, and multiple ethnicities, races and hometowns in Michigan. These Imams created the historic Code of Honor in 2007, outlining the mutual respect that all Muslims, regardless of sect or ethnicity, must have for each other, and the imperative to work together out of mutual love of God and his Prophet.


The Imam's Council welcomes questions and comments from the community at large. They meet regularly with federal, state and local officials. They also conduct ongoing training workshops, including training for marriage counselling, domestic violence identification, substance abuse training, mental health first aid and more.


The current chairs of the council are Imam Mustapha Elturk and Imam Mohammed Elahi.

Youth Council

The MMCC Youth Council consists of Muslim Youth from various communities in Michigan working together to accomplish the following goals: 

To break ethnic and cultural barriers by having unified events with different communities every semester.


To share speakers, programs and experiences.


To share community news and events; and to make an effort to attend events planned by other communities.


To have an annual camp.


To plan a annual convention for Michigan Muslims and addressing their challenges for 2016 or 2017.


Please stay tuned for additional programs.