Over 1 million Michigan Residents require emergency food assistance every year.

1 in 5 children in Southeastern Michigan struggle to access the nutritional foods they needs to survive.

The Ramadan Fight Against Hunger is a state wide effort where the Muslim community seeks to feed and help as many hungry people in Michigan as possible. Multiple organizations, dozens of mosques, and hundreds of volunteers all collect and donate thousands of meals and many tons of food each Ramadan. In 2018, the Michigan Muslim community collected and distributed more than 55 tons of food in Ramadan. Join the effort!



Total volunteers at MMCC sponsored service events: 363

Total Mosques with food collection boxes: 10

Total events service scheduled in Ramadan: 22

Total lbs of food collected in mosque food drives for Gleaners: 3,781 lb.

Total lbs of food packed for Forgotten Harvest: 31,383 lb.

Total lbs of food packed at Tawheed Center Ramadan Food Drive: 95,000 lb

A Look In The Past